GOP Establishment Ignores PPC Marketing to Stop Trump Surge

The word Opportunity revealed by a missing jigsaw piecePPC Marketing has established itself as a multi-faceted platform with various benefits that go well beyond that are driving sales and revenue. The one strategy can make a profound influence (especially in this political environment) is “Reputation Management“. However, it appears that with all of the millions and billions of dollars being used to thwart Donald Trump in his rise to win the nomination within the Republican Party, the strategists of the GOP are putting a “blind eye” to a potential large audience that migrate from TV news to their Laptops and Mobile phones and search on  Google for additional news and information. Hence, missing a big piece of potential influence. For example, if you do a Google search on “Trump for president” there is not one candidate or PAC (any party) that is utilizing PPC to influence those who might be supporters or those who are “on the fence”.

GOP Establishment Strategy Fail


How the Presidential Candidates Compare in PPC:

Considering that the Presidential Candidates not utilizing PPC Marketing to bashing their opponents, some of them are actually putting their campaigns dollars into the search market. Here’s a recent summary of where these candidates stand: (This screenshot is provided by the great people at – Search Marketing Competitive Research)

Presidential Candidates in Google Adwords


As you can see, Bernie Sanders is the clear winner of his utilization of PPC Marketing as a key component of his campaign strategy. Both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are both in 2nd place (even though their similarities in budget are incredibly close). If there is one major takeaway from this chart, it’s the fact that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both with all of their millions of campaign dollars, refuse to put any of it into PPC Marketing. One may wonder if his campaign strategy would of performed better if they would of migrated his “anti-Trump” movement into search marketing for additional influence and messaging

In Conclusion:

Let’s face it. This Presidential race is out of control. All of these candidates are either using TV Interviews, Commercials or Social Media to get their message across. Unlike Bernie Sanders, Cruz and Clinton, no other candidate is using PPC Marketing as a platform to increase donations, volunteers or even attack ads. Its very surprising that in 2016 and with the millions of dollars being spent to take down a single candidate, not one campaign strategist is using PPC to help them in their candidates cause.