What Ted Cruz & Hillary Clinton in Common

PPC-Marketing-PoliticsIf you are following the Presidential Election (or maybe not) you know its quite obvious that the entire Republican Party not only does not like Democratic Party, they despise front-runner Hillary Clinton on pretty much everything.

However, what you probably didn’t know is that from a PPC Marketing perspective, it is even more polarizing and rather confusing to see an actual similarity. After doing some very quick research (with the help from SpyFu.com), I chose these two (2) candidates not only for their polarizing views, but also their campaigns “odd and undisciplined” choice of keywords in their Adwords account. In a nutshell, let’s just say it’s “disturbing” on many levels.


The Bipartisan PPC Keyword Effect

With all of the millions of dollars flowing in from Donors (both big and small), it’s rather disappointing to see the lackluster effort of PPC strategies across both aisles. For example,  the Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton Campaigns are in agreement with each other when it comes to (1) one single keyword. Can you guess what it is? (see below)

Cruz and Clinton agree on one thing "Presidential Bumper Stickers"

Cruz and Clinton agree on one thing “Presidential Bumper Stickers

Really? A Bumper Sticker is what brings these two candidates together in the PPC world?

Ted vs. Hillary Comparison:

In this screenshot, you will notice that even though Hillary was spending more than Cruz, she is now almost even with Cruz as they head into 2016. One interesting note is that Cruz started his Presidential bid in the PPC Marketing space (3) three months ahead of Hillary

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.06.32 AM


In this graph below, you can see Cruz increasing his PPC visibility significantly in August, then dropping in September. This might be was most likely due to the fact that he was surging in the polls and heading to Alabama for a Townhall Meeting

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.07.13 AM

Dissecting the Ted Cruz Campaign:

The Cruz campaign was/is currently running with roughly 302 keywords in Adwords. The keyword selection was somewhat diverse and relevant to his campaign messaging. For example, some of his keyword themes were around “Immigration and Tax Reform” which make complete sense. However, there were a plethora of others which are rather strange and not relevant at all such as “bus tours, cruz beach, Benjamin Cruz, tour bus business, chevy crus, etc..” (can someone assume that no one was paying attention to Matching Types and Long Tail keywords)

Dissecting the Hillary Clinton Campaign:

Unlike the Ted Cruz campaign, capitalizing one a few real political topics, Hillary just wasted her campaigns PPC Dollars on her brand name. The only term that bears any relevance to voter issues was “Immigration Reform Bill” while all of the other 241 keywords had either “Hillary, Clinton or Bill Clinton” in all of them.

Bit of Advice: Utilize PPC Marketing to reach voters who want to know your views on key issues. If they want a bumper sticker, they know where to find you!