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It's only human nature to try things that other people are doing because it feels like a good idea and/or the right thing to do. In many instances, the outcome is either neutral or positive. However, in today's online marketing world, just because someone is doing it, doesn't make the outcome "good". In contrast, it could actually backfire (both financially and reputation-wise). Let me explain.

When Facebook rolled out their advertising platform, everyone wanted to get

Over the years, I have seen so many horror stories when it comes to PPC Management. Whether it's advertisers flying blind with their ad budgets or the common event of not knowing that their ads are being shown with irrelevant terms, there should always 100% transparency between the agency and the client. Furthermore, there needs to be more HONESTY on behalf of the PPC Agency. In this post, I will talk about a few areas

Over the years, PPC Marketing has evolved quite expeditiously in pretty much every aspect of it's existence. We have witnessed changes in algorithms, matching options, targeting, social influence, etc... which have literally forced all PPC Marketers to be more vigilant when it comes to getting the best bang for their client's BUCK. However, one of the oldest and most basic elements of PPC has not changed and that is identifying with how people are searching

What would you say if I told that you these (2) two companies have spent roughly only 0.0072% of their advertising dollars in Google Adwords since the 2013. Well, its true. FanDuel and DraftKings have spent over $250 million across TV, Radio and Internet Ads this year alone. Now, as someone who is a Fan of Fantasy Sports and PPC Marketing, it was a No-brainer for me to investigate what these companies are doing in

If you are following the Presidential Election (or maybe not) you know its quite obvious that the entire Republican Party not only does not like Democratic Party, they despise front-runner Hillary Clinton on pretty much everything.

However, what you probably didn't know is that from a PPC Marketing perspective, it is even more polarizing and rather confusing to see an actual similarity. After doing some very quick research (with the help from, I chose these

For many of us, PPC is perceived and utilized as a fast and sometimes cost efficient way to drive qualified visitors and conversions to a advertiser’s website. Many PPC agencies and Freelancers spend their time optimizing and strategizing around improving conversions and improving ROI%. However, over the years PPC has evolved itself not only in traditional uses, but also has established itself as a multi-faceted platform that has been used to protect company/personal reputations, defending

PPC Marketing has established itself as a multi-faceted platform with various benefits that go well beyond that are driving sales and revenue. The one strategy can make a profound influence (especially in this political environment) is "Reputation Management". However, it appears that with all of the millions and billions of dollars being used to thwart Donald Trump in his rise to win the nomination within the Republican Party, the strategists of the GOP are putting

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 10 years, it's almost impossible not to hear or see an Insurance commercial during the day or evening. However, what we may not recognize is the fact that some of these Insurance Companies apparently are "all over the place" when it comes to where decide to allocate those astronomical Advertising dollars. In this post, we will be focusing on PPC Marketing side of online

In 2015, the movie industry reported a record setting $11 + billion in world-wide ticket sales. According to the article entitled A 2016 Outlook for the Movie Theater Industry, The U.S. theater industry is controlled by three main companies Cinemark Holdings , Regal Entertainment and AMC Entertainment. However, in the PPC Marketing world, which can sometimes act as a "barometer" of company marketing vision, only one of these industry titans is starting to learn

Whenever I speak to Nonprofits (which is something I love to do), I always evangelize the importance of leveraging all of the online technology companies which offer "in-kind" services, especially Google Grants. However, for marketers in today's world, Google Grants is simply not enough. Identifying with potential donors, volunteers and simple awareness has evolved way beyond the search engines and into our Facebook and Twitter feeds as we all crave instant news, gossip and basic

In today's world, there is rarely a PPC Marketing Strategy that does not include or even toy with the notion of creating either a Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads campaign(s) at some point in the strategy life-cycle. Because of this, marketers are developing and testing different audience segments based on interests, household income, marital status, exercise habits, etc... Frankly, it has changed the landscape of online marketing as we know it. In this post, I

Since its inception back in 2007, Facebook Ads has changed the way companies approach their online advertising strategies. Early on, many advertisers have tried and failed with Facebook Ads NOT because they were targeting the wrong audience, but because they did not fully understand the dynamics of this (non-search like) Ad platform. The confusion (still today) is due to the enormous traffic volume of users (which many of them disclosed their likes, interests, age, sex,

Don't get me wrong, Google Grants is an amazing "in-kind" gift for those qualified 501(c)(3) Nonprofits (especially for those who are utilizing it efficiently). However, times have changed since it's inception in 2003 and considering the multi-device environment that we live in, Google should consider adapting their Mobile Network as a viable option for Google Grantees. Maybe call it (GrantsMobile)?

In this post, I will discuss the reasons why Google should revamp their Grants program to

It's becoming quite apparent that the Startup world is experiencing a slowdown and there appears to be no quick-end in site, unless you scrap everything your doing and start over. According to many articles from very reputable news sites around the web, the common issue at hand is the lack of funding coming from Venture Capital Firms. In addition, due to this shift in funding, Startups are now forced to change their thinking on how

As someone who has been fortunate enough to be a part both the Startup and Digital Agency World, it pains me to witness the many recurring mistakes that are happening by bringing these two worlds together. The Agency wants the business and the Startup wants the best and smartest people to "grow their baby". It all sounds like a "no-brainer' right? Well, this perfect situation can sometimes be clouded by one of the most bastardized

As Marketers our job is to not only interpret analytics data, but to also provide a summary of the performance and apply recommendations for future strategies, forecasting and on-going testing. However, this standard metric of decoding is not enough and we need to find a better way to communicate successes and failures that the client can understand. That is why storytelling is just as important now than it was when we are in Kindergarten when

Have you ever heard this joke before? A Financial Planner and PPC Marketer walk into a bar... Probably not. However, the strategy that they would advise their clients on would be quite similar. If there was (1) one piece of advice I would give Startups (especially Early Stage), it would be diversification... and a lot of it. Startups typically have very limited advertising budgets so they have to account for every penny they spend.

When a Search Marketing Agency pitches a new client, they may provide them a complimentary audit, initial strategy overview, competitive analysis, etc... However, once the client signs on the dotted line and the work begins, more often than not, overt time the client slips into the dark with regard to the specifics. These specifics consist of the day-to-day "blocking and tackling" of PPC. (keyword matching, search queries, ctr%, quality score, competitive bidding, affiliate hijacking, etc...).

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