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PPC Marketing has established itself as a multi-faceted platform with various benefits that go well beyond that are driving sales and revenue. The one strategy can make a profound influence (especially in this political environment) is "Reputation Management". However, it appears that with all of the millions and billions of dollars being used to thwart Donald Trump in his rise to win the nomination within the Republican Party, the strategists of the GOP are putting a "blind eye" to a potential large audience that migrate from TV news to their Laptops and Mobile phones and search on  Google for additional

For many of us, PPC is perceived and utilized as a fast and sometimes cost efficient way to drive qualified visitors and conversions to a advertiser’s website. Many PPC agencies and Freelancers spend their time optimizing and strategizing around improving conversions and improving ROI%. However, over the years PPC has evolved itself not only in traditional uses, but also has established itself as a multi-faceted platform that has been used to protect company/personal reputations, defending political agendas and driving awareness to issues outside of the online world. In this article, I will discuss the other benefits of PPC and why

If you are following the Presidential Election (or maybe not) you know its quite obvious that the entire Republican Party not only does not like Democratic Party, they despise front-runner Hillary Clinton on pretty much everything.

However, what you probably didn't know is that from a PPC Marketing perspective, it is even more polarizing and rather confusing to see an actual similarity. After doing some very quick research (with the help from, I chose these two (2) candidates not only for their polarizing views, but also their campaigns "odd and undisciplined" choice of keywords in their Adwords account. In a

What would you say if I told that you these (2) two companies have spent roughly only 0.0072% of their advertising dollars in Google Adwords since the 2013. Well, its true. FanDuel and DraftKings have spent over $250 million across TV, Radio and Internet Ads this year alone. Now, as someone who is a Fan of Fantasy Sports and PPC Marketing, it was a No-brainer for me to investigate what these companies are doing in PPC. So without further ado, I will dive into the details of how these companies are positioning themselves in the PPC Word. Of course, with

I have seen so many horror stories when it comes to PPC Management. Whether it's advertisers flying blind with their ad budgets or the common event of not knowing that their ads are being shown with irrelevant terms, their should always 100% transparency between the agency and the client. Furthermore, there needs to be more HONESTY on behalf of the PPC Agency. In this post, I will talk about a few areas of the Agency/Client Relationship that should be based on being honest with the client.
Educate the Advertiser:
Let's face it, the PPC agency knows more about PPC Marketing than the

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